At Stones4Homes we supply various sizes of Ground Control Fabric and there will be one that suits your needs.

If ordered along with our bark, stones or chippings then your weed control membrane will be despatched with your order and attached either to your bulk bag or shrink wrapped with your handy bags.

You can order just membrane or membrane pegs - your order will be delivered directly to you by Parcel Courier.

The price you see is the price you pay so start suppressing those weeds now!

Membrane Pegs

150mm barbed plastic pegs for holding down weed membrane.

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Heavy Duty Ground Stabilising Geotextile

This high-quality, non-woven, product does not lose strength when used below ground.

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Heavy Duty Driveway Membrane

Groundtex membrane is a strong woven, flexible geotextile made from polypropylene fibres.

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Garden Membrane

Proven to suppress weeds whilst allowing water, air and nutrients to pass through.

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