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Surefoot – De-Icer

Based on powerful de-icing technology developed for the aviation industry, Surefoot De-Icer is a high-performance liquid de-icer for use on footpaths and public thoroughfares, or any situation where ice poses a risk to pedestrians and users.

As Surefoot is a liquid de-icer it starts melting ice immediately after application.
It is supplied in easy to handle drums which stack neatly and safely for simple storage. Any unused de-icer can be poured back into the drum and stored indefinitely.

Key Points
Simple to Handle: Surefoot is simple to handle and easy to store
Non-Corrosive: Unlike salt, Surefoot is effectively non-corrosive. Salt can damage concrete and paving and can be slow acting and messy to apply.
Lower Temperatures: Surefoot maintains effective ice control to lower temperatures than salt, remaining active down to temperatures as low as -50¬įC, salt is generally in-effective below -7¬įC.
Fast Acting: Surefoot rapidly penetrates the snowpack and ice and quickly breaks the bond between the ice and the surface, allowing easy removal by brushing and shovelling. The Surefoot that remains on the surface then inhibits further ice formation.
Use on External Hard Surfaces: Surefoot can be used on all types of hard surface, it is also safe if applied to grass.
No Unwanted Residue: Unlike salt, Surefoot doesn’t leave a grainy residue that can be transferred to indoor surfaces on footwear.

Pour straight from the drum into your choice of applicator.  For small areas the most convenient way is via a watering can, using a fine rose.  For larger areas, application by standard sprayer is ideal, from simple hand-pumped garden sprayers to more sophisticated knapsack sprayers with hand held booms.

For ice prevention applications, a fine layer of Surefoot left on the surface before frost will prevent frost formation for 24-48 hours, unless washed from the treated surface.

Application Rate

For ice prevention                      15ml per m2

If expecting light snow (1-2cm)   30ml per m2

For clearing established ice        60ml per m2 and repeat until ice is controlled

For clearing compacted snow    Remove as much snow as possible then apply 75ml per m2

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