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Cocoa Shell Mulch

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Cocoa shells are a by-product of processing cocoa beans.  During processing, the cocoa bean separates from the shell (also known as the hull), the beans then go on to become all kinds of wonderful chocolatey things and then we package the cocoa bean shells to use as mulch.

This product will break down slowly over time.  As it decomposes, the mulch will add nutrients, Nitrogen: Phosphorous: Potash of 3:1:3, which is better than any other mulch, it means it has enough Nitrogen within itself to compost down, whereas bark robs the soil of Nitrogen as it composts and hence deprives plants of this nutrient.

Once the cocoa shell is laid, water it in with a hose or watering can, this releases a natural binding agent which binds the shells together to form a loosely knitted porous mat.  This 'mat' allows water through, bulbs to grow through, plants to expand but prevents weeds from coming up and reduces water evaporation from the soil surface.

Cocoa shell mulch has an especially attractive look compared to most bark mulch, its deep brown colour sets off plants nicely plus it won’t bleach out, the colour only darkens with age.

Freshly applied cocoa shell mulch leaves your garden with the lingering smell of chocolate!

Cocoa shell mulch contains methylxanthines—specifically caffeine and theobromine so maybe harmful to dogs if ingested.

We also supply Landscape Bark in 100lt Handy Bags

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