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Bloom & Gro Landscaping Bark Chips – 100lt Handy Bags

Bloom & Gro Landscaping Bark Chips are a specially selected grade of bark chips (approximately 10-50mm - size can vary) that can be used on flower beds and borders, trees and fruit bushes.

It is an exceptional decorative ground cover bark mulch providing excellent week suppression, moisture retention and thermal protection for plant roots.

This product is a blend of Pine, Fir and Spruce Barks processed from sustainable resources.

When using Bloom & Gro Landscaping Bark Chips garden gloves are recommended.

Supplied in 100lt Handy Bags/Bales  (1 x 100lt Handy Bag will cover approx 1m2 at a depth of 100mm)

5 x 100lt = 0.5m3
8 x 100lt = 0.8m3
10 x 100lt = 1m3
20 x 100lt = 2m3
30 x 100lt = 3m3

We also supply a Landscaping Bark in 0.6m3, 1m3 and 2m3 Bulk Bags

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Size / DescriptionCostQuantity
5 x 100lt Handy BagsFrom £47.40
8 x 100lt Handy BagsFrom £67.44
10 x 100lt Handy BagsFrom £79.20
15 x 100lt Handy BagsFrom £109.80
20 x 100lt Handy BagsFrom £140.40
25 x 100lt Handy BagsFrom £169.80
30 x 100lt Handy BagsFrom £198.00
SampleFrom £4.50

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