Why using bark chippings means less garden maintenance for you

By Cathryn Robson on 22/03/14 in: For The Garden

Bark chippings are not only an extremely attractive addition to any garden but they are also a wonderful way of lessening maintenance. Read on to find out more!

Anybody with a garden will tell you just how wonderful it is to spend time pottering in it on a warm summer’s day. A garden is such a great addition to any home and it provides the perfect place for dining al fresco, letting the kids run riot and relaxing in the evenings.

But who wants to spend hours maintaining their garden when they could be enjoying it? Those who really know how to enjoy their gardens understand that the key to a low-maintenance garden is to think creatively about how it is laid out. Bark chippings are a very popular solution as not only do they look appealing but they also save a tremendous amount of legwork. Read on to find out why bark chippings and decorative gravel may well be the solution you are looking for.

Less Weeding

Bark chippings work really well in any flowerbed and they go a long way towards ensuring that weeds simply do not have a chance to grow. By digging over your flowerbed and covering the soil with bark chippings you are giving your plants a wonderful environment in which to thrive but you’ll be hard pushed to find a weed among them. Less weeding is something that appeals to most people as it is one of the most laborious jobs that there are to do – especially during the summer. As a result your flowerbeds will look neater and far more attractive – and all without lifting a finger!

Less Spillage

The soil in flowerbeds tends to get spread across the lawn from time to time, but bark chippings stay put and are a lot harder for the wind or wild animals to shift. Simply lining the edge of the flowerbed with some decorative pebbles will help the bark chippings stay put – so this means far less time sweeping and raking for you.

Less Watering

Bark chippings retain water far better than soil does, so this means that you won’t have to water your flowerbeds quite so much. This is great – especially for those people who go away a lot and worry about their flower beds.