Using weed membrane – ground control fabric

By Cathryn Robson on 04/01/16 in: For The Garden

Weed Membrane for Weed Prevention.

Here at Stones4Homes we recommend that weed membrane is used when bark mulching or using decorative stones or gravel to leave you with the perfect low maintenance garden.

Weed control fabric is used for suppressing weed growth in landscaping and gardening projects, for example, under decorative layers such as landscaping bark mulch, and mulches of decorative gravel and chippings.  It can also be used under timber decking.  It must not be used under turf.

Weed membrane is perfect for planted areas such as beds and borders as it suppresses weed growth and, as it is permeable, it allows nutrients, water and air to pass through into the soil.

For planted beds and borders: Prepare the area accordingly, clearing the soil of all annual and perennial weeds, this can be done manually or for stubborn weeds a herbicide can be used ensuring that instructions are followed thoroughly and the correct safety procedures are strictly adhered.

Roll out the fabric and cut to the required measurements, peg down using the specially designed barbed plastic pegs*.  If shrubs are to be planted, then cut an X shape into the fabric so it creates 4 fabric flaps.  Carefully plant the shrubs through the flaps ensuring all the soil is pushed back into the hole and non is left on top of the fabric as this could encourage weed regrowth.

When all your desired shrubs have been planted, the ground control fabric can then be covered with a mulch of your choice, this could be decorative gravel or slate, or bark chippings or mulch.

Don’t forget to water the area thoroughly after planting.

Driveway Membrane
Woven geotextile fabric works above ground as a heavy duty weed control fabric, built to last for long term weed suppression.

Having good tear resistance makes this ground cover also suitable for use below ground as a stabilising and separating membrane, working well under gravel paths and driveways.

This woven ground cover is perfect for areas of the garden that get lots of foot traffic.

For driveways and paths: Ensure the sub-grade surface has been prepared and made good, lay the fabric over the entire are, cut to the required size ensuring there is sufficient overlap on all joins (approx 30cm) and then secure using the specially designed barbed plastic pegs as required.  Lay the sub-base material (eg Hardcore) and compact as normal.  You are now ready to lay your gravel/chipping finishing layer.

Weed Membrane Pegs

Plastic pegs* are driven through the ground control fabric the barbed edges will provide a secure fixing into the ground.

At Stones4Homeswe supply various sizes of ground control fabric and there will be one that suits your needs.

So start suppressing those weeds now!