The Magic of Moonstone

By Cathryn Robson on 18/03/15 in: Decorative Aggregates

Mainly black, brown and creamy white, the colours of Moonstone Gravel make it ideal for a wide variety of uses including driveways, paths and decorative landscaping.  If you are wanting to make a feature in your garden this gravel is ideal as it is very striking. The angular shape of this flint gravel creates a contemporary look in any garden and can instantly brighten up a dull looking corner.

Stones4Homes Moonstone Gravel is a naturally quarried product, this results in slight variations in formation, size and shape, it is of the highest quality, extremely hardwearing and because of its angular shape it is the perfect gravel for driveways as it will not move about too much.

Moonstone Gravel can also be used around ponds and water features as this gravel is fish friendly.

We supply 20mm Moonstone Gravel in Bulk Bags, and Pallet Lots of 10, 20, 30 and 40 25kg Handy Bags.  Also available in bulk loose loads, please contact our Sales Office on 01757 289651 for further details.

Please Note:  Moonstone Gravel is NOT sourced from the Moon!