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Spruce up your garden this summer with decorative pebbles and stones

By Cathryn Robson on 27/07/13 in: Decorative Aggregates

Here at Stones 4 Homes, we appreciate that not everyone is a keen and passionate gardener.

Pruning flower beds and de-weeding is not everyone’s idea of a fun Sunday afternoon. Moreover, with the renowned British weather, it can be hard to obtain and keep on top of the garden you want and are proud of. Perhaps now is the time to consider an easy yet effective solution to help spruce up your garden; one that requires little effort and maintenance yet provides long term colour amongst other benefits to your garden?

Decorative pebbles are a fantastic addition to any garden, large or small. They create an area of interest and offer colour to an otherwise unused or unloved area. More so during the winter months, the annuals and perennial plants you once loved and cared for wilt and die, leaving empty flower beds turning into an eyesore.

The use of decorative pebbles or stones can help to make these areas appear more interesting and less neglected. Many homeowners throughout the UK choose to use these pebbles for pure decorative reasons to simply lighten up flower beds and add a touch of colour. For the keen gardeners the reason for purchasing pebbles may be to help control and perhaps prevent weeds from growing whilst maintaining moisture levels in the soil.

At Stones4Homes, we have a wide collection of decorative stones in a variety of colours and sizes so we are sure that we will have the ideal addition for your garden.