Rock Salt Suppliers help us prepare for the winter freeze

By Cathryn Robson on 03/12/13 in: Seasonal

Rock salt suppliers help us prepare for this years cold winter freeze.

It may not feel it, but in official terms, this year it is still autumn until 20th December 2013. With autumn we associate colourful woodlands and crisp mornings some days and this year has certainly been somewhat mild although we did also see one or two thunder storms along the way. This is the nature of autumn as the polar air moves southwards in chase of the sun.

Yet forecasters have been predicting a bitterly cold winter this year and these cold spells seem to appear earlier and earlier in the year. It’s not even mid-November and the newspapers are already warning us with headlines such as “Britian braces for ‘Polar plunge as cold winter freeze takes hold’ [Express.co.uk 13/11/2013] and “Winter blast to hit the UK blown in from the Arctic: Forecasters warn of icy blast as tranquil autumn finally gives way to freezing cold weather [Mail Online 14/11/2013]. It’s no doubt preparations are under way across the UK and rock salt suppliers are no exception.

So why is salt so important? In simplistic terms salt melts ice by lowering the freezing point of the water.  Ice normally forms when water hits 0° Celsius, however the addition of salt will reduce this to -6°C if using a 10% salt solution, and -16°C if using a 20% salt solution. This results in existing ice melting, thus leaving the ground safer underfoot.

We are all aware that untreated roads and pathways are a hazard. The risk of accidents, slips trips and falls is ever present in icy conditions. Local councils may be ready with thousands of tonnes of grit to help keep our transport network open, however, they won’t cover your back yard or private drive. This is where consumer rock salt suppliers can help and with a little preparation, you can help minimise these risks around your property by adding salt to your pathways.