Pathway to Success

By Cathryn Robson on 24/03/15 in: For The Garden

A Woodland Walkway?
Choose our Activity Chip, great for children’s play areas and just as serviceable for woodland walkways, giving a bright back to nature look for your garden.

A Gravel Pathway?
With a choice of over 20 gravels and chippings we are sure to have a size, shape and colour to match your planting scheme, check out our gravel and chippings category, there is sure to be one in there that catches your eye.

A Slate Chipping Pathway?
Choose from Plum, Blue or Green 40mm Slate Chippings to create a rustic looking walk way in a cottage garden, or combine with wooden sleepers to create a more contemporary effect.

You can’t just lay down your stones and hope for the best, as with any task for a fine, long lasting pathway, preparation is key. Mark out your required pathway in your garden using sand in a bottle, this way any changes can be rubbed away, paths should be wide enough to accommodate things like wheel barrows, pushchairs or wheelie bins.

Dig off your pathway to around a depth of 5cm levelling off any lumpy bits, walk up and down to compact and firm down the base.   At this point you can add our rubber path edgings or sleepers to create a boundary to prevent your chosen material from escaping into your flower beds.   You are now ready to fasten down a layer of Weed Membrane using specially designed membrane pegs.   This weed suppressing fabric prevents weeds growing through your gravel, slate or bark but allows rain water to drain through helping to prevent a puddley path, we have various sized rolls of membrane available.

You are now ready to fill in your pathway with your chosen gravel, chipping or bark keeping the level just a fraction lower than your edgings and spreading it out level using a rake - Job Done!

Browse online at Stones4Homes for your pathway or driveway stones, we have loads to choose from!