Inspire the look of your garden this winter

By Cathryn Robson on 13/11/13 in: For The Garden

If you are passionate about your garden and take pride in its appearance, then you will know that the winter months can be extra hard work for keeping on top of your garden.

If you want ideas that will have your outdoor space really looking the part all winter, with no maintenance and little effort, then decorative stones from Stones4Homes can be the perfect choice. By redesigning your outdoor space with some of our stones this winter, you can enjoy a beautiful looking garden without the hard work.

Decorative stones from Stones4Homes can really look the part this winter and can transform a dreary, dull, water logged garden into a beautiful, bright and atmospheric outdoor space. You can enjoy a winter of admiring a new design to your garden without having to worry about any weather damage taking its toll. There will be no need to battle the elements as you try and maintain the garden through winter.

Decorative stones can actually embrace the winter weather and transform a dreary, wet winter day into a paradise

Why not create a spa like design that you can enjoy throughout the stressful winter months. Go for silver, blues, greys and pastel colours in any design you like. Add a generous sprinkle of black basalt or dove grey limestone decorative gravel to start the look. Maybe add some Cotswold cream gravel in there to create a pure, sanctuary like atmosphere. Complete this look by incorporating rocks and boulders to the gravel mix.

Why not stack up our giant Celtic paddlestones and watch in awe as the rain trickles down them. Evoking images of waterfalls, you will feel transported to an Eden like paradise, whilst just being in your garden. Feel truly relaxed this winter in a spa themed garden.

If that’s not your style, maybe you would prefer to add some colour to the dreary winter weather in your garden. How about laying out swirls of pretty Cheshire Pink or golden gravel to beat the winter blues. Your garden will stand out as bright and vibrant instead of being lost to the heavy rain, wind and snow.

Our decorative pebbles bursting with colour will also bring your garden to life this winter. Why not lay them round your garden in different shapes, sizes and designs in order to create an exciting new design.

You could even create a winter theme by choosing our polar white cobbles to transform your garden into a winter wonderland. These decorative stones would look perfect in your garden on those fresh, frosty, winter days.

To be inspired further by our collection of decorative stones, see our website today.