How to decorate your garden and play area

By redguerrilla on 28/10/16 in: Enhance Your Home

How to decorate your Garden and Play Area without compromising Child Safety

When planning home improvements it is essential that child safety is at the forefront of all endeavours. According to ChildAlert.co.uk, 130,000 children are injured in the garden each year. The garden is an exciting and exhilarating place for children to play, and the open spaces encourage creativity and exploration. But it also holds many potential dangers for children, such as accidents caused by trips and falls or encounters with wildlife. Although it is inevitable that children will hurt themselves from time to time, steps can be taken to ensure that they are safer when exploring the great outdoors.

Creating a fun and enjoyable play area for children is the objective of many parents, but with many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the safest and most practical materials to use.

According to the 24th annual report by the Department of Trade and Industry, falls are the most common cause of accidents in the home, accounting for 44% of all children's accidents.  This means that choosing the correct surface for a child's play area is of vital importance.  Hard surfaces such as concrete or rough surfaces like gravel can pose potential dangers for children and could lead to cuts, bruises and broken bones.  A safer option would be to choose a bark base for the play area or garden.

Pine Play Bark chippings have many advantages.  It looks visually appealing, has a pleasant aroma, suppresses weeds and improves moisture retention during dry periods. If used as a garden mulch it also protects plants against the effects of winter weather, such as frost and snow.

Stones4Homes Pine Play Bark has a life of between 2-3 years is safe to handle and is harmless to pets,  meaning that all the family are free to enjoy the garden.

There are many different types of bark that can be used in gardens and play areas.

All barks are:

  • Clean,
  • aesthetically pleasing,
  • child and pet-friendly,
  • and better for the environment.

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