How Rock Salt helps to keep you safe during the winter months

By Cathryn Robson on 30/10/13 in: Seasonal

How Rock Salt helps to keep you safe during the winter months

Salt is most commonly found on the dinner table but its big brother – Rock Salt– is that chunky coarse “grit” that is used to de-ice roads and footpaths.

Rock salt works by lowering the freezing point of the moisture to help melt snow and ice quickly. Councils are often criticised for sending gritters out too early but it is important that the Rock Salt has time to be crushed by oncoming traffic as this actually increases its effectiveness.

If roads are gritted too late then the surface has already started to freeze, making it dangerous for people to drive so the crushing doesn’t take place.

Here at Stones4Homes we sell brown rock salt and white de-icing salt – both have the same de-icing properties but brown rock salt is favoured by local authorities and councils. White de-icing salt is great used on footpaths as it is a cleaner alternative – no brown footprints as you enter a building.

Storage for rock salt is important – our top tip is to store it in a grit bin or sealed bag and remember that salt freezes solid at around minus 7 degrees so the location of your bin or bag is also important.

How to stay safe this winter

We all know that it’s important to wrap up warm during the cold winter months – but here at Stones4Homes we’ve complied our top winter tips
•  Always have a bag of rock salt stored away in your garage. This way you’ll avoid slips and falls on your driveway!
•  Plan your journey around main routes, this way you’re more likely to drive on roads that have been gritted
•  Carry a winter car kit in your vehicle – car phone charger, first aid kit, blankets, food, water, wind-up torch, tow-rope, ice scraper and spade
•  Inform a family member that you’re intending to travel and when you’re expected to arrive
•  Always have a hat, scarf, pair of gloves and extra cosy layers packed away in your car
•  Above all, be aware of other drivers and pedestrians and remember to stay safe