Help keep your garden healthy and attractive with slate chippings

By Cathryn Robson on 15/08/13 in: For The Garden

It is no secret that a great deal of time and effort is needed to achieve the healthy, attractive and modern garden you’ve always dreamed of.

From the demands of modern day life or perhaps a mere dislike for horticulture as a whole, there are many reasons this achievement may be impossible. Here at Stones4Homes, we have fantastically quick and easy ideas to help improve the appearance of your garden.

Whether you have a small townhouse style garden or a large country cottage garden, we believe you can easily make your garden appear healthy and loved, yet provide a pizazz and chic appearance to be proud of.

Slate chippings are a fabulous addition to any water feature or rockery. Their glint in the rain aids to the contemporary look yet they offer the same ground cover benefits other decorative aggregates provide, whether it be to help prevent weeds growing or help maintain moisture it he ground beneath.

Not only can slate chippings be used in the borders, rockeries and such like, they can also provide a stunning look when used on paths. With different colours to choose from, you’re sure to find chippings to match your style.

Alternatively, have you considered bark chippings? These are a fantastic way to quickly improve the look of your borders. Similar to slate chippings, bark chippings also suppress weeds whilst improving water retention during dry periods. All of which mean less weeding and watering for you!

Not forgetting the winter months, they can also help to protect your plants from the efforts of frost.

Another popular way to improve the look of your garden is through the use of decorative stones and pebbles. These can be used to create a specific pebble garden or they can simply be added to poor areas of your garden to create new areas of interest.

Our quality decorative gravel is a great way to add texture and colour to your garden and so giving it a more attractive appearance without the need for continual maintenance or a large amount of effort.

For more information on the different products in our elaborate ranges, including bark and slate chippings and decorative stones and pebbles, please visit our website. Should you require any further guidance, please contact a member of our team.