Have a safe and enjoyable winter with rock salt

By Cathryn Robson on 12/12/13 in: Seasonal

Have a safe and enjoyable winter with rock salt.

This past week has seen light dustings of snow making a subtle appearance in some areas of Scotland.

These sprinkled landscapes create a pretty picture and symbolise the arrival of winter and the festivities that come with it. However, this past week we have heard warnings that these isolated sprinkled landscapes we see in the pictures are likely to turn into miles of snow bound land across the country. In fact, some say that  this winter is set to provide us with a persistent and intense presence of snow.

Here at Stones4Homes, we don’t want to put a negative spin on this winter weather and know the joy that can be derived from snow, however, we do care for the country’s safety. That’s why we recommend our bags of rock salt to ensure you can have a safe and enjoyable winter this year.

We understand why many of you out there will be excited at the thought of snow this Christmas season. It fills us with festive joy that is hard to resist, beautiful scenery, picture perfect moments and memories that are priceless! Rock salt suppliers like ourselves can help you ensure you get the best out of the winter elements, in a safe and sensible way! After all, when the ground is carpeted with thick, deep snow, accidents are rife and more safety precautions are needed.

Many of us take for granted the use of Rock salt in snowy periods and the impact it has on our lives. Accidents and delays would be ever more present. Once snow has taken over, the simplest of tasks are escalated into something a lot bigger. When we have a heavy snow fall, getting from A to B becomes a mission rather than an every day task. We all have the walk to work or trip to the shops where it takes all our efforts to try and not fall over! Without rock salt on the roads and pavements, such accidents would be much more likely to happen and lets face it, broken bones are even more unwanted than usual in the festive period. If you have a school, business, or driveway, putting down our rock salt can go a long way to keeping accidents away from the front door!

Snow also means we need to be on our guard more than ever for the kids! Watching our children deriving so much joy and excitement from the snow is enough to bring a smile to any parents eye. It’s what makes Christmas so special and magical and creates those ever lasting memories. None of us want to stop our children enjoying this weather, but we are also aware of the dangers that come with it. With brown rock salt from Stones 4 Homes you can worry a little less about calls from the school about your little one having a fall in the playground or any accidents on the way to and from school.

Then there’s the trip to work! The morning rush is stressful enough as it is, even more so when the weather takes such an extreme wintry turn! Without rock salt suppliers, accidents and fatalities would increase significantly.

To have a safer and more enjoyable winter, stock up with our bags of rock salt.