Five potential uses for your decorative pebbles

By Cathryn Robson on 24/01/14 in: Decorative Aggregates

Make a Path
Using decorative pebbles to make a garden path is extremely effective. Not only is a pebble path fairly simple to make, but it can also look quite charming. The different textures that you can achieve by using different kinds of stones and pebbles will give your path an interesting look. You can choose from a whole host of colours to find one that works for you.

Use Them for Edging
If you're a keen gardener, decorative pebbles can be extremely useful to use as an edging material or within your borders. You could mix it up a bit by using a mixture of pebbles and larger decorative stones. You could even use them for ground cover on your flowerbeds as an alternative to mulch.

In Potted Plants
You can sprinkle your pebbles at the base of any potted plants to cover the top of the soil in the pot. This can be done with both indoor and outdoor plants. It can give your potted plants a really attractive look and can also help to cut down on mess if you often find any of the soil getting displaced and making its way on to the ground

Fill a Vase
As an indoor decoration, you can fill a glass vase or other transparent vessel with decorative pebbles. Making layers out of different coloured pebbles looks very attractive. Choose natural stone hues or brighter and more unusual colours.

Use Them as Substrate
Decorative gravel can be used as a substrate in a vivarium or an aquarium. While they can look great, you need to ensure that they're fully cleaned before you put them in your pet's home so they don't add any bacteria. Make sure you sterilise them thoroughly before adding them to your tank.

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