Creating an Attractive Front Garden with Slate Chippings

By Cathryn Robson on 01/05/14 in: For The Garden

People often focus on their back gardens and forget the importance of having a well-maintained front garden.

The front garden is often the first thing visitors to your house see and it can make a very favourable impression if it is well maintained. Give your home some Kerb Appeal!

Creating an Attractive Pathway

Another option you could consider is to create a more decorative path. This can be done by using slate chippings or one of many decorative aggregates. This can really add to the look of the garden, making a smart path for the front of your home. Similarly, for a driveway you may want to add a layer of slate chippings, as this also has the advantage of providing grip in icy weather. Adding rock salt to the path in icy conditions can ensure an extra grip. It's something which can be brought from Stones4Homes.

Adding a Garden Box

A simple flower box can be displayed on a window ledge in front of the house, or if you prefer you can buy larger garden boxes to put in front of the window or at the front of a fence. The great thing is that they need little construction or building work when you have them installed. Filling these with top soil, plants, flowers and even small shrubs can really add colour to your front garden, making it an attractive entrance to your home. Lavender is often a very nice plant to consider, as it not only adds colour to your garden but also brings a beautiful scent. Add an extra decorative feature by covering the soil with slate chippings to make a clean smart finish.

Adding a Border of Flowers

An alternative to garden boxes is to create a border for flowers and plants. To create a border you will need to select the area you wish to add decorative flowers and plants to. You will have to turn the soil to create fresh space for the border.

Once this is done, plant whatever flowers you choose. It may be nice to add a small tree to this. And slate chippings can really smarten up a border — just add a layer of weed membrane over the soil and add the slate chippings to give the area a clean finish.