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Could decorative aggregates help increase the sale value of your house?

By Cathryn Robson on 28/02/14 in: Enhance Your Home

Could decorative aggregates help increase the sale value of your house?

Decorative aggregates are becoming more and more popular with people that want to sell their homes. Find out why it is such a favourite in this article!

If you are planning to sell your house any time soon then you will know how important it is to maximise on the amount of money that you can expect to get from the sale price. As important as the big things are, it is also vital to spend time concentrating on the little details as these are often what can sway a buyer into putting in an offer. However, time may be in short supply and you may be limited as to how many improvements you can make, particularly to the garden. This is when decorative aggregates come into play. Find out more in this article!

A Quick Solution
If your garden needs to be spruced up in order to sell your property then you won’t have much time. This means that planting new plants and shrubs simply isn’t an option. However, bare flowerbeds and patchy lawns can look ugly and unsightly. In this case, laying decorative aggregates is an instant solution and you can transform your entire garden by laying bark chippings or slate chippings.

Attractive to Buyers
Buyers will love the fact that you have paid attention to detail when it comes to your garden. They will notice the decorative gravel or chippings that you have laid and they’ll be attracted by the fact that they won’t have to carry out any immediate work in the garden. They will see the garden as a blank canvas in which to create their own garden that is full of their favourite plants. If you have laid bark chippings for children to play on then they will find this added safety feature appealing too.

An Economical Answer
The costs of landscaping a garden can run into the thousands, and when you are selling your house you’ll need to be watching every single penny. Laying decorative stones is a cost-effective solution and it will be far cheaper than paying for a gardener to come and transform the garden. You’ll find that our prices are extremely competitive and the actual process of laying the chippings takes no time at all. It’s an instant transformation!

Paying attention to the little details such as the garden can be the key to making sure your house gets snapped up the minute it gets put on the market. If you are wanting some advice as to which decorative product to lay then simply contact the experts at Stones4Homes.