Choose bulk loads – save time, money and the environment

By Cathryn Robson on 17/03/14 in: Bulk Loads

Choose bulk loads - save time, money and the environment.

Here at Stones4Homes, we want to highlight why buying our decorative aggregates in bulk loads is the more practical choice.

Are you thinking of a new design for your company’s grounds? Maybe you want to enhance the look of your company by redecorating the outdoors. Whether you’re a sports company, a tourist attraction or a business, redesigning an outdoor space requires planning and considerable time and effort. You need to consider what products, at what cost and what time frame is going to go into your plan. Here at Stones4Homes, we can be there every step of the way with our fantastic range of decorative aggregates for your outdoor space. And for all these fantastic products, we can deliver in bulk, which can be a much more practical and cost effective way of organising a new project.

So why choose bulk loads?
First, here at Stones4Homes, you can choose any decorative aggregates in bulk and have them delivered straight to your site. This is a huge time saver as it means you have all the facilities and products you need at hand which is important when you begin any project. Ordering single bags can be an inevitable waste of time when you discover that you need more for your project and then are forced to wait for another delivery. When you own a business, time is money, and whilst your outdoor facilities are out of use due to site work, you will be losing business, so it’s important the process has no unnecessary delays. In addition to this, it is often better to have too much rather than too little! For instance, if you find you need more decorative gravel a few months down the line, you have some left over and easily accessible.

What’s more, buying bulk loads from Stones4Homes also saves you money. Here, we recommend loose bulk loads as this is an extra cost saver than buying in bulk bags. You can have the loose load of up to 30 tonnes delivered to any accessible site for your convenience. You will then have the decorative aggregates you need to get started on your project. Having a bulk load of this quantity also means you will save money on additional delivery costs if you need more. It also saves you the cost of travelling to pick up these products. We also deliver other aggregates which are essential for your business to have at hand. For instance, we deliver bulk loads of rock salt which will keep your business prepared for wintery conditions at all times.

Of course, buying in bulk is also the more environmentally friendly choice. If you are a company that supports a greener environment, then say this with bulk loads from Stones4Homes. By buying in bulk you are cutting out extra lorry journeys when you need more delivered which is much better for our environment.

This is just another reason why buying in bulk is much more beneficial as a whole. It doesn’t just benefit your pocket by being more cost efficient, but it benefits people who enjoy using your outdoor facilities and what access as soon as possible. It also benefits the environment as a whole.