Bulk Loose Loads for Large Area Coverage

By Cathryn Robson on 19/11/14 in: Bulk Loads

Bulk Loose Loads for Large Area Coverage.

Our new Volvo is for local deliveries only, however here at Stones4Homes we have the knowledge and the transport network to be able to source any product we stock (and others we don’t!) in large loose loads from 10-30 tonne loads across most of the UK.

Here at Stones4Homes, you can choose any decorative aggregates in bulk and have it delivered straight to your site. What’s more, buying bulk loads from Stones4Homes also saves you money, we recommend loose bulk loads as this is an extra cost saver than buying in bulk bags. You can have loose load deliveries of up to 30 tonnes to any accessible site for your convenience. You will then have all the decorative aggregates you need to get that large area coverage.

For this time of year we deliver bulk loads of rock salt and white de-icing salt which will keep your business prepared for wintery conditions at all times.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re choosing to order a bulk load please be mindful of the size of the vehicle and the access required to tip at your property. If we are unable to tip because of access then a charge will be made. Do talk with us before placing your order if you have any concerns regarding access.

To see what range of decorative aggregates you can have delivered in bulk for your new project, browse our site today .