Building a Children’s Play Area

By Cathryn Robson on 04/09/14 in: Enhance Your Home

Building a Children's Play Area.

First you need to measure the space you require for your play area. Once this is done, use our online calculator to work out how much play bark and play sand you will need, or call us on 01757 289651 or drop us an email to enquiries@stones4homes.co.uk and we will work it out for you.

Next you will need to prep the ground.  Remove any turf or grass from the area, any concrete or slabs should also be removed.  Once you have removed the surface material, give the soil a rake and flatten it out with a plank of wood and your feet.

Next you may want define the play area within your garden - for this use new softwood or oak sleepers (untreated to ensure no creosote) or rubber edgings. Sleepers can be stained or painted with safe products that will brighten them up if you want something a bit different.  TOP TIP: make your play area to fit the size of the sleepers this would mean no hard work having to cut them down and no waste.

Rubber Edgings are a great alternative to sleepers as they can be bent to create curves or a circular play area, these require pinning into the ground (pins provided).

If you are having a sand pit and an area for swings and slides then rubber edgings can be used to neatly separate the 2 areas.

The last bit of preparation prior to filling your play area with play bark or play sand is laying a good quality membrane, this can be pegged down with membrane pegs specifically designed for the job. The fabric membrane is completely porous so won’t hold water and it will not let the weeds through either.

By now you should be thinking about ordering your Play Sand and Play Bark …..

At Stones4Homes we have a lovely play sand which is just the job for keeping your children amused for hours, it will not stain clothes or leave unsightly residues.  Available in 850kg bulk bags, and in pallet lots of 10, 20, 30 and 40 25kg handy bags.

For the area around swings and slides we have a choice of 3 play barks and chippings to choose from, all tested for critical fall height, however a minimum depth of 10cm (4 inches) is a must.  We have:

Activity Chips a softwood chip which has a bright and attractive appearance and will last approximately 2-3 years.

Pine Play Bark a luxury grade pine play bark with minimal dust and fines which will last approximately 2-3 years.

Available in 2m3 Bulk Bags, 1m3 Bulk Bags and pallet lots of 60lt Handy Bags.

One cubic metre of play bark or activity chips will cover approximately 10m² at the recommended depth of 10cm.

Once your sand and/or bark has been laid that’s it!

Add a swing and slide onto the barked area and buckets and spades for the sand pit, all set for hours of fun, and as all parents and grandparents know if the kids are happy then you’re happy!