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Inspire the look of your garden this winter

By Cathryn Robson on 13/11/13 in: For The Garden

If you are passionate about your garden and take pride in its appearance, then you will know that the winter months can be extra hard work for keeping on top of your garden. If you want ideas that will have your outdoor space really looking the part all winter, with…

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De-Icers at the ready!!

By Cathryn Robson on 11/11/13 in: Seasonal

Is ice and snow on its way??? Will Britain experience the first real taste of winter this week? Will freezing winds bring snow to much of the country? Some of the coldest weather of the year is expected by Tuesday, with bitter blasts from the Arctic causing widespread frosts and…

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Keep your beds weed free with bark chippings

By Cathryn Robson on 08/11/13 in: For The Garden

No matter how much we tend to our gardens, weeds seem to pop up out of nowhere. Turn your back for half a day and there’s a small leafy growth appearing in a place you know you haven’t deliberately planted any shrubs or plants. To say it’s annoying is an…

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Benefits of using decorative aggregates in your garden

By Cathryn Robson on 04/11/13 in: Decorative Aggregates

So many different decorative aggregates exist that you’re sure to be able to find one that’s right for you, whether you’re interested in slate chippings, granite or a whole host of other options. Not only can these aggregates look great, but they also have a range of other benefits. Saving…

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How slate chippings can help you revamp you garden

By Cathryn Robson on 04/11/13 in: For The Garden

Everyone’s garden could do with a spruce-up now and again, but it’s hard to know where to start. There are many different things you can do to your garden to make it look its best. Slate chippings and decorative aggregates can smarten up your garden and can also be used as a…

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